Monday, March 19, 2012

someday... maybe

Someday... maybe... I'll be able to remember the joy without tears beginning to flow.  And there has been SO MUCH joy.

Someday... maybe... I'll be able to have coffee in the morning and not think of all the days gone by when we solved the problems of the world over cups of the stuff....

Someday... maybe... I'll be able to forget the sickness and remember the health.  Remember the awesome love affair we shared.

Someday... maybe... I'll be able to see the whole person again.  Before I had to give up little pieces.  One by one.

But right now... today... I'll love the pieces that remain.

Someday... maybe.... I'll be able to find answers in this suffering.  But I'm not seeking for meaning in all this anymore.  I've tried.  Hard.  And it hasn't come.  Maybe someday it will, but it will have to come find me.


  1. This is so honest and brave of you to share, Kathi. I think you said it just right--someday the meaning will find you. Stay strong and unafraid of your feelings, you make the rest of us brave. xo

  2. I think sometimes there is no answer to what is - it just IS. The challenge is what we do with it. That is where the answers lie - answers to how to be happy in the midst of difficulty, and how to be strong even in tragedy. How to reach out to others in their affliction, and how to graciously receive service from others when we are the needy ones. The answers aren't easy to obtain, but you're making the struggle look graceful.

  3. Someday... definitely. :) I think all of this will come in time. Love you mom.

  4. Right here right now's all we have, someday will come I have to belive that for all of us...Hugs to you my friend..