Tuesday, September 6, 2011

coq au vin

Looked in the freezer this morning to see what I had and what I wanted to make for dinner.  I thought it was chicken’s turn so I looked for recipes I might be able to easily make using the crock pot.  That’s when Edd piped in.

“What about Coq au Vin?”

Cock of what? Wanting to please my wonderful husband I looked it up and whalla! I found a crock pot Coq au Vin recipe.

I figured I’d run to the store to get the ingredients I lacked and just throw it all in the crock pot, turn the switch to ON and go on my merry way.

It wasn’t quite that simple.

pictures from my rebel 009

Bacon and onion needed to be fried first. Not to worry. Only one slice went into the mix. Then the chicken had to be sprinkled with dried thyme and salt and browned, then the mushrooms needed to be sautéed… Wine (a delicious burgundy from France of course) was then added to the fry pan along with some tomato paste to make sure all the browned flavor from the pan was included in the dish….

pictures from my rebel 011

Now all could be thrown together along with some fresh garlic …. and slow cooked all afternoon.

pictures from my rebel 014

YUM…. turned out pretty well.  I love to try new recipes!

pictures from my rebel 023

Even Nicky liked it!

pictures from my rebel 005

But he likes everything with chicken it its name!


  1. It sounds - and looks - delicious! I want to eat at your house.

  2. Great idea, we also do it sometimes! And I agree with you, trying new recipies is fun!