Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a day well spent

It was a busy day and I am achy and tired.  The day was more cheerful because we seemed to be able to concentrate less on problems and more on just living and getting some things done.

Edd and I like to talk about current events.  Our country's social challenges.  Politics. Issues of the day.  Anything and everything.  But the 24/7 cable new programs just annoy us as they dribble endless commentary and people talk out of their butts spreading hopelessness and fear.  The young 20-something big-boobed woman who pretends to be an expert on the war in the Middle East...  or the one telling us how to handle our finances just isn't cutting it for me.

Today we decided to shut off the TV and listen more to better quality radio stations, XM satellite radio (we have it in our cars), read more and stop absorbing a lot of the noise that leaves us feeling hollow and agitated with the "wonderful" rich lives of celebrities and endless commercials telling us what we absolutely need... NOW.

I exercised.  I ate well... meaning healthy choices... and gave my body what was good for it.  Not too much.  Not too little.

I shopped for valances for the bedroom... and cleaned up the room spic and span.  

Sitting area in the bedroom

Nothing earth-shattering, but a good day from beginning to end.


  1. I agree completely. Sometimes the constant NOISE of technology, especially the television, is so unsettling. I feel as though I am being overrun by the meaningless. I've thought for awhile that some week, I'd like to go somewhere and be in silence for a whole 7 days. I think it would be hard for me. But maybe a really good spiritual/emotional renewal? I wonder when I'll ever have time to try it!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day, Kathi. I actually believe that you should focus on the things that bring you joy, not conflict. Love the picture, so peaceful! Would love to read there!

  3. Hi Kathi,

    The valances are perfect. I can picture you and Edd sitting in that peacefull setting.(just lovely) I can't wait to able to see it in real life :).