Friday, September 30, 2011

cold front?

"As October arrives Saturday, Central Texas will see some of its first fall-like weather, with highs barely reaching 90 and lows in the low 60s."
That was a sentence taken from an article in our Austin newspaper today referring to a cold front that supposedly arrived last night.
 Cold front?
Not like the ones I remember from days gone by.
It'll be nice for sure to get further away from 100- degree heat so I don't mean to be ungrateful, but calling this "fall-like" is a bit of a stretch to me!
I remember my New Jersey childhood ... and our 60-degree nighttime lows here in Texas were often the autumn highs up North. I do miss it.
But I guess there is a trade off ... I know I don't want to deal with weeks or months of snow and sleet and icy roads either. I like the milder Texas winters. 
The cold evenings are coming here too. Soon enough I suppose. 
Tomorrow we kiss hot September goodbye. I'm hoping for good things to come in October. Maybe even a REAL cold front.


  1. HA, that's a bit off from a Cold Front. I get bitter when it's 85 here in CO now that it's fall. I think that late 60s are the ideal kind of weather! ;)

  2. I love October, don't you? I'm waiting for that crisp, cool weather too. I've over summer.

  3. in NC we are having a real cold front, our first of the season! Low's in the 40's and high's in the low 60's on Sunday. Tonight it's snowing in the mountains of NC!

    I will miss my summer though...I really will!

    But for now...It's FAll Y'ALL!


  4. I'm praying for some cool 60's and 70's for Texas and lots and lots of rain!!

  5. my favourite month - my birthday month! :)