Friday, September 9, 2011

living it

This last week was a mixed bag of fun and frustration.

Fun.  Had a co-worker of Edd's over for dinner.  He was from England.  It was interesting to compare countries and see that we all have our problems.  It was funny when Jenni suggested I offer him a cup of tea after dinner.  When I offered Earl Grey he said "just regular" and I then realized all I had was Luziane teabags for iced-tea making. Hope that worked for him.

Frustration. My computer crashed.  Spent over four hours on the phone with a technical support guy from India trying to fix it.  Can't fix it without spending more money on a machine that I've already lost everything on.  Hard drive shot.  Software gone.

Fun.  Decided to take the plunge and get an iMac.  Yay!  Learning new very cool stuff!  My brain hurts though.

Frustration.  Couldn't load  an app on Edd's iPad and got impatient so somehow erased all his saved stuff.  Great. Had to restore to factory settings.  Ugh.  I need to be more careful!  I was forgiven though.  Phew.

Fun.  Weather was cooler so took some wonderful walks outside and worked in the garden.  Had some nice talks with my mom.  (I love her)

Frustration.  Dealing with health insurance and trying to understand it all .... and what is best to do in the future.   Working on my resume.  Again, my brain hurts.

Today Edd has a CT scan.  It's part of the journey.  Seeing what is going on inside.  Praying for all of that.  Praying all would just go away and never come back.  Hoping. Wishing. Praying. Waiting. Loving. Learning. Wondering. Questioning. Hearing. Resting.  Breathing.

Such is life.  Living it.


  1. Yes, but what counts is that you live it fully! And not many can say that!

  2. I'm glad you're hangin'-in-there... well done...
    I love you....Mom

  3. Oh, Kathi, I hope the CT scan does not show anything you're not expecting, unless it's a GOOD unexpected! Nice post, enjoy the new computer!

  4. I'm reminded of that saying..."It's not the mountains ahead, but the little grain of sand in your shoes that wear you down...". Lovely to hear how you are hanging in there and YOU WILL LOVE HAVING A MAC.
    Just saying...

    Happy Weekend~

  5. Praying for good news from the test. Enjoy your weekend!