Sunday, September 25, 2011

a nice Sunday

It was nice to sleep late this morning.  Late for us is 8 am.  The sun was up ahead of us, but even Nicky slept in.    Edd wanted to make Migas (his version) this morning for breakfast.  Why is everything better when someone else does the cooking?

fry up some corn tortillas and onion

potatoes and bacon

shredded cheese for the top

cook eggs with the corn tortilla

served with potatoes... oh, and salsa!
If truth be told Edd may be the better cook out of the two of us... and he definitely makes less of a mess!

It's almost afternoon "coffee time" but already we've gotten a lot accomplished on this day that should be one of rest.  

I washed the car, moved the furniture around in the family room but then realized it looked better the way it was so changed it mostly back again.  It was still a success though since I got to vacuum underneath.   

After a few more chores we drove to Edd's office to bring home some boxes of books that were on shelves in a filing cabinet.  I saw book after book with titles like Integrated Electronics: Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Circuit Design for Electronic Instrumentation, Macro Electronics Circuits & Devices, Delta Sigma Data Converters.  

Eee gads!    I asked him if he actually READ all these books and he looked at me like I was from Mars ....  Some were college textbooks.  

We then tried out a restaurant I had never been to and I discovered I like Vietnamese food.

And now for that coffee ....  Mmmm.....

Edd reading Time magazine..... (yeah, that's Rick Perry's big face!)


  1. What a lovely Sunday (I may just have to try Edd's version of Migas!). Whenever I come here to read your latest post, I always leave here feeling so...peaceful. I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but I feel like I already know the tone of your voice simply by the words you choose when you write; it's very comforting being here (is that weird?).

    I love that you two know how to enjoy your days together in one another's company, just..."being". :)

  2. That was a very amusing blog. It was so real and so very funny. It realy made me chuckle. That breakfast sounds really Yummy. Wish I was there. Sounds like a very good day. The furniture adventure reminds of my usual furniture arranging. Thanks for the laughs...

  3. This is a lovely post, I do like the recipe, might try it for a Sunday brunch. Enjoy the week!

  4. I agree it always tastes better when someone else cooks. True of a sandwich or a salad too. My husband likes to cook and I clean up. He uses a a lot of dishes but the trade off is worth it! Love hearing about you days just hanging with your guy.

  5. What a delicious-looking breakfast! I really do love it when someone else is cooking but at least when I do it, I can hand the dirty dishes off to someone else!

    There is just nothing like a quiet Sunday morning...