Sunday, February 19, 2012


From time to time someone has told me I am brave.  From time to time I have thought someone else brave.

But recently someone told me that I make them brave.

I thought about that some and it humbled me.   The things we go though, our experiences,  can someday actually benefit someone else.   When I'm going through trials though, the rough patches that life can bring, I sure don't dwell on how my experience can help someone else.  I'm IN it and trying to find my way around... but it may come later ... after the lessons have sunk in and we've had time... lots of time if we are granted it ... to process them.  In some crazy way it gives the pain purpose... just a little more meaning to the seemingly meaningless...  

It made me think of those who have made ME feel brave too.  Given me courage.  Often it's those who have already walked the path I am traveling and have made it.  They've survived somehow and now have a testimony.  A story that it'll be okay.  Somehow, it'll be okay... and I can make it too.

Sometimes it's just someone going through a particularly difficult situation totally unrelated to mine. They've gone through the fire and been tested and have stood firm even though it would be so easy to give up.  They make me feel brave too.... and give me courage and love to face today.  

Sometimes it's someone who loves me with an unconditional love.  Like Jesus.  Who has scars to prove it.


Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.  ~George Smith Patton

Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.  ~Arthur Koestler


  1. You have such a deep level of emotional understanding, Kathi. Yes, you are brave, and you make others brave. I so admire your courage and the depth of your love for Edd.

  2. You are brave, indeed... You are an inspiration...

  3. We can all be brave at one time or another. We owe it to each other to stand strong and be a support for others when we are able. I think you're awesome, and you've been quite inspirational to me through your trial. You've never lost your graciousness - at least not where I could see it.