Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day musings

Eight years ago I got a beautiful bouquet of red roses delivered to my house.  I think it was a Sunday.  We would spend every other weekend together and this one just didn't fall our way.  For some reason Valentine's Day has always been a day he has made special.  Said it's a day for girls and never wanted me to get him anything.  

Card that came with flowers eight years ago....

This Valentine's day I'm thinking of all the things I have.  So many blessings.  It's better than thinking of what I don't have.  I would miss so much ... 

Recently we ventured out to the grocery store together and I told him sadly that I didn't get him a card or a gift yet.  He said, "Don't get me anything.  Just be nice to me"... He said it kind of loud and I looked around and saw a woman grinning as if maybe I wasn't nice to him very often!!  It made me smile and laugh at the time and still does as I think about it..... I can just imagine what the woman thought of me!

A couple of weeks ago I saw him struggling to text someone on his phone.  This worried me some because he was at it for quite some time.  When I finally questioned him he said, "You're awfully nosy..." and then got sad when he saw the surprised look on my face....  He then told me he had been trying to text my daughter to help him get me a gift for Valentine's Day.... I told him I didn't need anything... all I wanted was HIM.... 

He called her later anyway.... and they made a plan...

A pearl ring to complete a set he began for me

Tahitian Cultured Pearl necklace

Turned out he did tell me something he really liked... and I had fun scrounging up the ingredients to make it today.   Seems the mind issues and memory problems aren't all that bad when it comes to desserts!!

Fresh Baked Apple Crisp

with ice-cream...

special today....
It was a nice day.  Not because there were gifts and "stuff", but because more memories were made on our ninth Valentine's Day.


  1. Good Job!!! I feel the love you both have for each other. Beautuful... The important thing is how he made you feel the love and you showing the love you have for him. The jewlery is very beautiful and the desert looks so delishious. Perfect way to say I love you! A VERY GOOD DAY.

  2. your love story is beautiful. I am happy you have chosen to share it with us. ((hugs))

  3. Love isn't any thing...it is the feeling, the happiness one brings and receives from another. You two have it exactly right.

    But that doesn't mean things aren't nice...lol!


  4. Awww... this made me cry. Everything me cry lately. Lol. Love the jewelry and love that YOU love it. :)

  5. What a lovely post today, sweet memories indeed!

  6. I think the very best part of loving someone is when the "thrill" goes away, and you're not so off balance - you are just comfortable and cozy with each other. (Gosh, I made that sound boring - I hope you know what I mean!) You and Edd seem like you have that great kind of relationship where you can throw each other a look from across the room and know what the other one means. Sweet post.