Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm definitely one of those people who can be fiercely independent.  Someone who doesn't often let people "do" for me.  Who rarely asks for help.  Actually, I don't even think of it.  I just think it's my responsibility to carry the burden or do what needs to be done whatever the job before me is.  Good trait?  Um... mostly.

Sometimes that works.  Sometimes it doesn't.  Lately it doesn't.

And I've been accepting the help...

Talked to a lady today... Jessica... who is a sweet person and told me I was on track...well-grounded and seemed to have a good handle on things.  Yes.  Mostly again.  But I did something for me yesterday that I am still enjoying today.... It felt OH SO GOOD.  I HIRED A CLEANING SERVICE TO CLEAN MY HOUSE!

It's amazing how much that encouraged me.   Poor Edd.  I kept telling him things (the three hours they were at our house) like "They are cleaning the ceiling fans!!"  and "Now they are wiping down the kitchen cabinets!"  and "They cleaned the coffee pot!" and "They mopped the kitchen floor three times!" and "They are dusting and cleaning ALL the blinds!"  It actually gave him great joy to see me grateful for the help....  so it made us both happy!

Anyway.  I'm sold.  I will get them to come back every three weeks... because I love a clean house.  And I love to spend the time with my husband and see things through... and be less stressed and enjoy our home.  

Blessings..... Getting help enabled me to spend time loving just a little bit more... and a little bit better.


  1. Oh, Kathi! I too am fiercely independent! (a NJ girl trait?) It is HARD asking for help, at least for me. So glad you did and enjoyed it!

  2. Sooooo wonderful!!
    Love that you're getting some help and spending some time just 'loving & living.'

  3. I love, love, love that you did that for yourself - and that it's just not a one time thing for you. This made me smile when I saw it on Facebook, and it made me smile yet again. (o:

  4. My mom hired a cleaning service recently and talked about what a relief it was to have some help around the house (her knees are really bothering her now).

    So glad to hear it was a good experience!! :)