Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a week gone by

Some pictures from the week past....

  It's always nice to have family visit.

pic taken with Jenni's iPhone

Jenni brought her doggie children over too! ... Gracie adores Edd.  He got lots of kisses and nibbles from her.. . She's part pit bull, so he didn't dare object! (no, actually she is a sweetie)

She also came over during the week and made us a wonderfully awesome lunch.  A delicious Parmesan Basil soup ... and ham and mozzarella with avocado grilled sandwiches...  

Amazing how satisfying a meal can be when made by someone else!  Someone who wants to serve and love us.


What can you do but live it?  Whatever it may look like.  

I cried with my mom.  I poured out my heart to her.  The women in my family.  Good women.  Strong.  Compassionate.  Open.  Teachable.  Present.  Dependable.  Makes me proud of where I'm from.

The winds of change come.  And we love anyway.  Sometimes we limp a bit, broken by the storms that hit.  And sometimes you wonder where your prayers have landed.  Were they even heard?   Your best intentions, plans, and dreams slip through your fingers ...  anyway.   I'm still choosing to trust.  I'm still choosing to look intently into the here and now and do what it takes to try and smooth out the rough edges that life can bring.

Later.  Much later I will find a way to smooth out and heal my own.


  1. Yes, Kathi, one day you will be able to look back and smooth out those rough parts that remain. And those strong women of your family will help you along the way. What a blessing!

  2. How wonderful to have so many people come and do for you. )That soup and the sandwiches sound wonderful, by the way!) I love what you said about the women in your family. Isn't it amazing the strength we can draw from each other in times of need? And then we can give it to others when we are stronger.

  3. Love you and all your Photos... You are a very special person..I hope you know that.

  4. What wonderful moments, simply lovely. Happy for you!