Saturday, January 7, 2012


What do you do when the circumstances of life change your routine and dictate to a great degree what you can and can't do each day?  What do you do when changes in lifestyle occur that you didn't anticipate and wouldn't have chosen?  

Well.  I guess you grieve a little bit.  You get angry... maybe even a little resentful.... sad?  Definitely....  and then... you ADAPT... dare say you can even THRIVE.  You begin to grow where you are planted.  Such a trite saying, but true.

I am reading more.  Staying home more and not running around town looking for the latest purchase of STUFF that I really don't need anyway.  (After all, there's always online shopping!)

But hunkering down and finding good things to put into my mind has been rich and honestly just what I needed.  Being more thoughtful and deliberate. Slowing down my overly distracted mind and body to just concentrate on some very important things in my life that I've neglected.  That I'd forgotten.  My spirit.  My faith.  Contentment.  Truth.

My future writing will reflect that... 



  1. A simple, wonderful and touching post!

  2. Good for you. Silver linings.

  3. I'm so touched whenever I read your blog. You always inspire me by your ability and willingness to 'thrive'. I know you can, I know you are still a rose opening your petals!

    Bloom dear one...bloom.


  4. Yes, Kathi, all of those things are true! Thriving is a sign of acceptance, don't you think? We have different situations, but similar spiritual struggles. Love your posts.